This product is an Axess manufactured and branded replacement item.


HYTERA Compatible Product DUAL CHARGER
PD405/ PD505/ PD605/ PD665/ PD705/ PD780/ PD785/ PT580H CH-DUAL with CHPD780-DUAL/ 12WAY  holder


ICOM Compatible Product DUAL CHARGER
IC-F14/ IC-F15/ IC-F24/ IC-F25/ IC-F33GT/ IC-F43GT/ IC-F43GS/ IC-F44/ IC-F53/ IC-F3022/ IC-F3062/ IC-F4022/ IC-F4062/ IC-F0295DR/ IC-F3162/IC-F4162D CH-DUAL with CHBP232-DUAL/ 12WAY  holder


TK2000/ TK2200/ TK2202/ TK2207/ TK2212/ TK2302/ TK300/ TK3200/ TK3201/ TK3202/ TK3207/ TK3212/ TK3300/ TK3301/ TK3302/TK3312/ TK3501/ TK-D240/ NX1200/ NX1300 CH-DUAL with CHKNB29-DUAL/ 12WAY holder
TK2180/ TK3180/ TK5120 CH-DUAL with CHKNB33-DUAL/ 12WAY holder
TK2140/ TK2160/ TK2170 / TK2360/ TK3140/ TK3160/ TK3170/ TK3360/ NX220/ NX320 CH-DUAL with CHKNB35-DUAL/ 12WAY holder


CP145/ CP165/ CP185/ P100 Series CH-DUAL with CHCP185-DUAL/ 12WAY holder
MTP850EX CH-DUAL with CHMTP850EX-DUAL/ 12WAY holder
GP320/ GP330/ GP340/ GP344/ GP360/ GP366/ GP380/ HT750/ HT1250/ DP3441/ DP3661 CH-DUAL with CH9008-DUAL/ 12WAY  holder
CP040/ CP050/ CP150/ CP200/ DP1400 Series CH-DUAL with CH4851-DUAL/ 12WAY  holder
GP900/ XTS5000/ HT1000/ MTS2000/ XTS2500/ XTS3000/ MTP300 CH-DUAL with CH7143-DUAL/ 12WAY  holder
MOTOTBRO DP2400/ DP2600/ DP3400/ DP3600/ DP4400/ DP4600/ DP4800/ XRP6500 CH-DUAL with CH4065-DUAL/ 12WAY  holder


SEPURA Compatible Product DUAL CHARGER
SEPURA/ SRP2000/ SRP3000/ SRH3500/ SRH3800/ SRH3900 CH-DUAL with CHSRP2000-DUAL/ 12WAY holder
STP8000/STP9000/SC20/SC21 CH-DUAL with CHSTP9000-Dual/ 12WAY holder