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Panorama Antennas

Panorama PMR & Cellular Antennas

The Panorama PMR handportable antennas are available in 3 different styles, 6" uncompressed (MFX & MFXU series), 2" compressed (MXK & PXK series) and 1/4 Wave Whips (MQ & MVQ series).

The ground plane independent PMR and cellular base station antennas are available for various frequencies. Some also incorporate a GPS element.

PMR & Cellular Bases and Whips

A range of bases and whips are available for vehicle mounting. These include panel mounts and magnetic mounts. Bases vary dependent upon the application.

The whips to complement the bases are available in either black or chrome.

It is important to ensure that the whip you are choosing is set at the correct frequency. Uncut whips are available and a cutting chart is supplied.

For PMR antennas it is advisable to state the frequency required in order to limit the results.

Glass Mount & Window Clip

Magnetic mount antennas are an ideal way to fix an external antenna to your vehicle without any drilling or use of silicone sealant.

These antennas allow ease of installation onto any metal surface and can be easily removed when necessary.

Also available are a range of cables with varying terminations, crimp or solder connectors for fitting to co-axial cable and also cable adaptors.

Document available Panorama Antennas Catalogue (PDF file)

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