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Dual Chargers by Radio Model



Model Description
PD705/ 780/ 782/ 785/ PT580H/ HDP100/ HDP150 CH-DUAL with CHPD780-DUAL/12WAY holder


Model Description
IC-F14/ IC-F24/ IC-F33GT/ IC-F43GT/ IC-F43GS CH-DUAL with CHBP232-DUAL/12WAY holder


Model Description
TK2200/ 2201/ 3200/ 3202/ 3300/ 3302 CH-DUAL with CHKNB29-DUAL/12WAY holder
TK2180/ 3180 CH-DUAL with CHKNB33-DUAL/12WAY holder
TK2140/ 3140 CH-DUAL with CHKNB35-DUAL/12WAY holder


Model Description
CP145/ CP185/ P100 Series/ P165/ P185 CH-DUAL with CHCP185-DUAL/12WAY holder
MTP850EX CH-DUAL with CHMTP850EX-DUAL/12WAY holder
GP320/ GP340/ GP344/ GP360/ GP366/ HT750/ HT1250 CH-DUAL with CH9008-DUAL/12WAY holder
CP040/ CP150/ CP200/ DP1400 Series/ TRBO CH-DUAL with CH4851-DUAL/12WAY holder
XTS3000/ GP900/ XTS5000/ HT1000/ MTS2000/ XTS2500/ MTP300 CH-DUAL with CH7143-DUAL/12WAY holder
DP2000/ DP3000/ DP4000/ TRBO/ XPR6300 CH-DUAL with CH4065-DUAL/12WAY holder
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